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In 2004, I began a remodel and addition on my home. I wanted to act as General Contractor on that project so, after getting bids from several other construction companies, I hired a local company as a sub-contractor to do a lot of the work involved. The estimator and sales guy was Bill Osborn. Bill was extremely knowledgeable, super easy to work with, and his company and team did a great job. Fast forward 12 years. I’m down at the Minneapolis Home Show talking with contractors about this new project. Understandably, most contractors don’t want anything to do with a homeowner who thinks he can General his own project, and that’s what I was hearing from most of the contractors I talked to. As I was walking around, I see this guy off to my left. “Bill?” “Kent?” Although it had been 10 years since I last saw Bill Osborn, he not only recognized me, he remembered my name! Bill was now with Elite Design-Build and was manning their booth at the home show. I told him what I wanted to do and showed him a set of plans. We had a great conversation and he said he would talk to Matt, the owner of Elite. I was fortunate to have 5 very good builders interested in my project. In the end, I decided to go with Elite Design-Build simply because I already knew how the project would go with Bill Osborn involved. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Bill, Matt, Roy, and all of Elite’s sub-contractors were nothing less than exceptional to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough. As I mentioned above, one of the challenges we had was the weather. I remember one rainy August night when wind had blown 1 tarp partially off. Matt and Roy personally came down at midnight that night with several new large tarps and re-secured the area. Elite Design-Build was there for me every step of the way, start-to-finish. Rock stars!
Kent Kramer

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We serve the 7 metro counties which consists of Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Washington County to include Wisconsin cities that border Washington county, Northern 1/2 of Dakota County and Northern 1/2 of Scott County and the Eastern 1/2 of Carver County.